the seven muses of harry salcedo

Disgruntled Vancouverite Harry Salcedo has three vices – caffeine, overthinking, and dead-end relationships. Ten years after migrating to Vancouver, this former third culture kid has grown sick of the West Coast and seeks solace in his dream to move to Toronto.


He vacillates between his on-and-off paramours, overbearing parents, and exhausted confidants. As he slowly approaches forty and his personal window for escaping the coast closes, Harry rushes the novel he’s always wanted to write while there’s still time.


Vincent Ternida’s humourous, poignant, and heartbreaking book contrasts the uncertainties of migration, ambition, and love with the beauty of the Lower Mainland. It is an exciting new take on the classic Asian-Canadian narrative.


In his debut novel, Vincent Ternida is at his best with his racy and sometimes irreverent pokes on everything from religion, family mores, and relationships. One has to hang on to the characters’ every word and hope the story doesn’t end. 


-Ted Alcuitas, Editor and Publisher of Philippine Canadian

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